What is the flumus?

The flumus has started their performing career on the 5th of September, 2007.
The flumus is an orchestra consisting of female professional musicians only.
One of the main purpose of the flumus is to support women, especially for female musicians' employment oppotunities.
The flumus is trying to get rid of unequalness or discrimination against women, and providing the equal opportunities for female musicians to perform as long as they live.


For the women and for the environment

Why the flumus is consisting of female players only?
The key to the answer this question has something to do with the nature of women and the environment.
Women take care of children and preserve natural environment by nature, because women do know what they have to do in order to survive on the earth.
We consider that it is very useful to develop musical environment for women, which is the most important goal for us, for preventing environmental destruction.
Unfortunately Japan is a little bit behind of equal opportunities for women employment issue or some other equal opportunity issues. So we pronounce loud that women is the forerunner of protecting natural environment, and we try to change the world a little better by performing our music as much as we could.

For the listeners:

It has been almost 130 years since Japan has imported western music officially.
Though we only have a very short history of western music, we have raised many internationally renowned artists such as Seiji Ozawa, Midori Goto, etc, and also developed many musical industries such as SONY, YAMAHA, ROLAND, etc.
On the other hand, from the listeners' point of view, we have not caught up yet with the quality of the artists and the development of muscial industries.
Currently we do have over 120 million population in Japan. But, how many of this entire population has been to the orchestra concerts even once in a life time?
We estimate that almost 95% of the entire population has no experiences of going to the concert hall, listening to orchestra music in person.
Why so?
The reason is very clear. Orchestra has nothing to do with our daily life and has almost no charms for ordinary people.
Most professional orchestra gives concerts by performing repertoires of famous classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Tschaicovsky. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these. But, on the other hand, how many of this entire population is interested in this kind of classical music?
Classical music has so many different kinds of charms in it, but, at the same time, nobody cares for it unless they understand what these charms are.
Therefore, we always think that how and what way we could reach to the heart of ordinary people and make them understand what the charmes of music are.
That is why we make different arrangements for each performances, varying the instrumentation, and adding vocalists(or some other instruments such as recorders, saxohpones) in the orchestra.
Everything we are trying to do now is to make audiences understand the charms of music and to communicate with their hearts by music.
The history of the flumus has just begun now.